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Saudi Arabian Airlines : Products & Services

Saudi Arabian Airlines is the national flag carrier airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabian Airlines provides a world class service and links global tourism and commerce hot spots effectively. Saudi Arabian Airlines is considered one of the best airlines in terms of service and customer satisfaction and operates to 90 destinations worldwide. Saudi Arabian Airlines offers three classes of service:

  • First class: The services provided are of premium quality with the convenience of the passenger in mind. Saudi Arabian Airlines prides itself with its Arab roots and hospitality and extends it here to the fullest. Services include high quality in flight entertainment which includes a 15 inch personal screen and avast choice of in flight programming. Executive meals are offered which can be had at any time during the course of flight. Selections include two choices of caviar, traditional soups, hot dessert or exotic ice creams and the selection of the finest tea or coffees to sum it all up.

  • Business class: Saudi Arabian Airlines sets the bar very high for its second best class, the Business class. It offers seating equal to first class available on many airlines. The company makes it a real pleasure by providing 9 inch LCD's in this section to enhance passenger entertainment experience.

  • Economy class: This class is best suited for the passenger with economy in mind. Not only does Saudi Arabian Airlines offer the best possible rates available, but also provides one of the best leg room possible with 34 inches to allow better travel n long haul journeys. The seating arrangements are generous and allow easy access, a symbol of Arabian hospitality.

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers a frequent flyer program called “Al Fursan”, that rewards loyal passengers with upgrades and discounted airfare according to usage and tier.

The website of Saudi Arabian Airlines has a great layout and provides an easy and effective method to check, reserve and by airline tickets. The website has a great layout and can be used by even the least knowledgeable internet and computer users.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Company Background

The airline was founded in 1945 with a Douglas DC-3 gifted to the King Abdul Aziz by the then United States President Franklin Roosevelt. The airline was operational in 1946 and has been in business for 56 years. It was initially run by TWA under a management contract. Today the carriers owns a fleet of 135 planes with 33 more on order making it one of the biggest operational fleets in the Middle East and North Africa. The airline operates its main hub at Jeddah's King Abdul Aziz International Airport, providing state of the art facilities in catering, cargo handling and logistics. The company has come a long way from being a small operator during the 1950's and 1960's to a world class carrier that flies to 90 destinations world wide.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Feedback depends upon the level of service provided by the airline. A lot of consumers fin the level of service on the airline very good and some find it not so pleasing. Several things need to be accounted for namely customer prior traveling experience and the number of negative feedback.

J Ray writes “Nonetheless staff and service are just as pleasant, and irrespective of the route or the aircraft, standard leg room - at 34" in Economy - is amongst the most generous we have encountered.”.

Cognus writes “I have had many delayed flights, one of which was 10 hours, (the flight is under 2 hours) with no apology. The local passengers always want to sit in a seat of their choice and will argue with the Flight attendants about using their mobile phones, one passenger was heard to say that it was ok because she was talking with her friend in first class!!.”.
The feedback received provides great insight into the services offered by the airline, but due to the vast numbers of travelers using the services, it is impossible to ascertain the true level of services provided. The services provided by the website can be termed as satisfactory.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company has a presence in the United States and has a BBB of B+. The company has had only 1 complaint in the last 3 years and no complaints in the last 12 months. The company is also a very strong revenue generating concern and sales have reportedly gone up by 12% in the last year alone. Judging by analyzing other websites for reviews and feedback, it is safe to declare the company and its operations as credible.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa gives the website a global ranking of 5,857 and a Saudi ranking of 55. Google Page Rank Checker gives it a 7 out of a possible 10. Compete gives it a rank of 22,679 and a unique monthly visitor average of 83,443. It also ranks the website at number 2 amongst its competition.

The analysis of the ratings and rankings provide a clear picture of the website's popularity that is definitely on the higher side and ensures the dominance the company has in the market of travel and tourism.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Social Media Presence

The company has only concentrated on one form of social media outlet that is twitter and uses the user name @Saudi_Airlines. The account has 95,540 followers and is the only means of communicating with the company on social media. Social media provides a great outlet to advertise and promote a company's services and products along with any special offers to gain more revenue. The advertising people at the airline have surely forgotten to capture this ever so growing and successful marketing avenue.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Website Security & Safety

The website ensures the highest level of security is provided to its customers when they use their online services such as booking and buying tickets, The website employs the HTTPS and SSL security protocols for added information transfer safety. The website has been checked by Google Safety Diagnostics and found to be clear of any harmful viruses. It reports no malicious software being present on the website that could be downloaded without user consent.

The website can be deemed safe for browsing and for purposes such as online booking and buying.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Pricing & Packages

The airline prides itself with quality and ensures that passengers get the best of flying experience at a cost that is not too heavy on the pocket when compared with other airlines.

Pricing varies with destination as well as type of class booked. To get an example a round trip ticket from New York to Riyadh flying Business class costs $3,769.90 inclusive of taxes. The passenger can also earn 20,261 flying miles while doing so if he or she is a member of the “Al Fursan” frequent flyer program.

When compared with other airlines and offers, it is safe to say that the rates offered for this specific flight are the cheapest by Saudi Arabian Airlines.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Shipping Rates & Policies

On online bookings, the airline sends out e-tickets or electronic tickets to the customers designated email address, hence requiring no shipping.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Payment Methods Accepted

Payments for tickets can be purchased online by using major credit cards powered by Visa or MasterCard. The website follows the strictest of internet security protocols such as SSL and HTTPS to ensure customer financial data safety. The website also employs the verified by Visa / MasterCard Secure Code that further ensures protection against unauthorized use.

The security measures applied are quite adequate and the website is deemed safe for customers to buy from by using their credit cards.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

At this point of time no online refunds are offered. The booking itinerary can only be canceled. Those wishing to get a refund must in person visit their nearest Saudi Arabian Airlines ticket center.

The company is a well reputed and well funded organization with years of good service and customer relations. It is safe to say if the required protocols are followed, a refund is easy to obtain.

Saudi Arabian Airlines : Product images & screenshots
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